Registered Accommodation in Myanmar

Burma accommodation types

From low-cost guesthouses to luxury hotels, Myanmar offers accommodation catering to every budget and requirement.

In the major cities of Yangon and Mandalay, travelers can select from a wide range of hotels and guesthouses whilst away from these urban centers supply continues to increase to meet the growing tourist demand.

Accommodation is always a key consideration when planning a foreign trip, when traveling to Myanmar, however, it is particularly important. This is because, to successfully complete the Myanmar eVisa application, travelers must provide details of where they will stay.

Given this requirement, visa applicants should book at least the first few nights’ lodging in advance, even if they prefer to organize the rest once in the country.

The information below aims to help visitors in Myanmar select the type of accommodation which best suits their requirements and which is also valid for the visa application.

Which Address to Provide on the Visa Application Form

If traveling around Myanmar, tourists should give the itinerary information in Myanmar like the address of the first hotel, hostel, guesthouse or inn they will stay at on their trip in the Burmese country.

Visa applications will only be approved if the address provided is for a registered establishment. Some travelers have doubts about exactly what constitutes registered accommodation and are concerned that their visa request will be turned down based on the address they have submitted.

Registered accommodation means that the authorities recognize the establishment and have granted it a license to host foreign visitors.

Do Hostels Count as Registered Hotels and Guesthouses?

As mentioned above, the Myanmar government will only approve a visa application if the address of a registered hotel, inn or guesthouse is provided. As long as the hostel is registered it is acceptable.

Private accommodation, however, is not classed as registered lodging. Only business visa holders are able to stay in private housing, usually the company’s rented apartment or a business associate’s home.

This means that homestays do not count as registered accommodation. Giving the address of a homestay on a Myanmar eVisa form will result in the application being denied.

Camping is illegal in Myanmar and can result in issues with the Myanmar authorities.

Types of Accommodation in Myanmar

Regardless of a person’s travel budget for Myanmar, comfortable accommodation is available. Online portals are convenient for booking hotels, guesthouses, and inns in Myanmar as they allow the user to compare options based on price and facilities.

For greater peace-of-mind when reserving hotels and guesthouses, it is sensible to read online reviews left by previous guests.

Staying at hostels and guesthouses in Myanmar

Hostels are a great low-cost solution for travelers on a budget. Particularly popular amongst young backpackers, many organize social events and excursions as well as providing somewhere to rest.

A hostel dormitory bed with shared bathroom facilities can be found for less than $10 USD, breakfast included, whilst private rooms are only marginally more expensive.

Guesthouses are also inexpensive and a good option for those who require slightly more privacy than a bed in a shared dormitory can provide. Guesthouses cost around the same as a private room in a hostel and breakfast is provided.

It is important that the hostel or guesthouse is registered and with a license in order to be valid for the Myanmar visa application. As explained above, submitting the address of private or unlicensed lodging will result in the visa being denied.

Hotels in Myanmar

Many holidaymakers prefer the comfort of a hotel. Fortunately, there are many hotels of various price ranges throughout Myanmar. Private facilities and certain luxuries make hotels an attractive option for many travelers, such as families and couples.

Visitors from western countries may be pleasantly surprised at what they can get for their money in Myanmar. Below is an indication of costs:

  • 3–star hotel: room with private bathroom around $25 to $30
  • 5–star hotel: starting from around $80 per night

Whilst 3–star hotels offer good-sized rooms and basic facilities, 5–star hotel rooms often include televisions and mini-bars, some may even have a swimming pool and spa.

Luxury resorts in Myanmar

Along Myanmar’s coastline, an increasing number of luxury resorts are appearing. Popular among tourists who want to relax and enjoy the country’s beautiful beaches, such establishments offer the most luxurious stay.

The best resorts in Myanmar are found by Ngapali beach where international visitors can find beachfront rooms with exquisite sea views, unbeatable spa facilities, and beach bars and restaurants.

Depending on the resort and time of year, prices can vary, starting from $100 to $150 a night.

Sleeping in a monastery in Myanmar

For a unique experience, it is possible to sleep in a monastery. Travelers should be aware, however, that conditions are generally basic with guests often resting on the floor. There is no charge but a donation should be left, around $4 is considered acceptable.

Wherever tourists in Myanmar choose to stay, it is essential that the establishment is registered and that the correct address is provided when completing the visa application.