The Best Time to Visit Myanmar

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Timing a trip to Myanmar is essential.  Like other countries in Southeast Asia, Myanmar has a monsoon season which is very uncomfortable for visitors as there are torrential rains, floods, and high levels of humidity. Some places in Myanmar, such as Ngapali Beach, are completely inaccessible at this time of year.

What is the best time of year to visit Myanmar? Myanmar has a tropical climate which means it is warm all year round. This means that any time outside of the rainy season (which runs from June to September) is a good time to visit Myanmar.

The great thing about Myanmar is that there is not as much tourism there compared to its neighbouring countries. This means that the Myanmar weather is the only real concern when deciding when to go to Myanmar.

What are the seasons in Myanmar?

Myanmar has a tropical climate with 3 different seasons. Myanmar’s seasons are as follows:

  • Hot season – March to April
  • Rainy season – May to October
  • Cool season – November- to February

It is also important to bear in mind how the seasons affect different parts of the country. The coastal regions can get particular hot and humid (especially before the rainy season) whereas mountainous areas are much cooler and drier.

What are the Best Months to Visit Myanmar?

The best months to visit Myanmar are November to February. The temperature is pleasantly warm which means you can walk and engage in other physical activities which are impossible during other times of the year.

Going between March and May or in October means you avoid the monsoon season but the temperatures are uncomfortably hot. Areas such as Bagan and Mandalay are particularly hot during these months.

What is the Average Temperature in Burma?

Temperatures and humidity levels in Myanmar vary from month-to-month. This chart shows the average minimum temperatures, maximum temperatures, and relative humidity for each months.

MonthAverage min tempAverage max tempRelative Humidity

Best Time to Visit Myanmar by Region

The best time to visit Myanmar is generally November to February but this does vary slightly from region to region. Here is an overview of 3 of the country’s most popular places to visit: Mandalay, Bagan, and Yangon.


When is the best time to visit Mandalay? Mandalay’s temperatures remain relatively hot throughout the year because of its location. To avoid the worst of the heat, November to January are the best months to visit. The temperature is around 27°C during this period which is relatively low. From February to April the temperatures can reach an unbearable 40°C.


Bagan is close to Mandalay so it has fairly similar weather conditions. It is best to avoid visiting between February and April when the temperature is intolerable. Most tourists want to visit the city’s famous temples which is almost impossible on hotter days. December to April are more pleasant times to visit and you can always consider doing all you trips very early in the morning.


Yangon is the capital city of Myanmar and the best period to visit is from November to April when there is less rain. Compared to Mandalay and Bagan, Yangon weather is much cooler. The average temperature is 24°C but the humidity is very high (similar to Bagan) so sightseeing should be done very early in the morning.