Plan a Travel Itinerary for Myanmar

Myanmar travel details

To successfully complete the Myanmar visa application, travelers need to have certain plans and arrangements in place.

To comply with the Myanmar eVisa requirements, applicants must supply some specific details about their journey including the expected date of arrival and port of entry.

For this reason, although foreigners are advised to request a visa well in advance of their trip, it’s important that such details have already been determined.

This article offers tips to help foreigners put together their Myanmar travel itinerary and obtain all the information necessary to apply for the eVisa.

Travel Plans Needed to Apply for the Myanmar eVisa

As well as providing a passport and contact details, Myanmar eVisa applicants must provide the following travel information:

  • Intended date of arrival in Myanmar
  • Address of the registered accommodation in Myanmar
  • Myanmar port of arrival

An invitation letter and inviting company registration certificate also need to be arranged by Myanmar business eVisa applicants.

Do I need to know my date of arrival in Myanmar?

Tourists should take into consideration the seasons and weather in Myanmar when timing their trip. Applicants are asked their expected date of entry when completing the online form so that they can get the most out of their visas.

A Myanmar visa is valid for 90 days from the date of issue. The validity period is printed on the approved visa and foreigners must enter the country at some point within this period.

By supplying the arrival date, the visa can be issued as close as possible to the date of departure, this way the applicant can take full advantage of the 3-month validity period.

Maximum length of stay

Tourists with an eVisa can stay in Myanmar for 28 days from the date of entry, business eVisas are for 70 days.

Choosing the port of entry in Myanmar

Having decided when to visit, the next step is to select the most convenient Myanmar border crossing.

Myanmar eVisa holders can select from 3 international airports, many tourists arrive into either Yangon or Mandalay airports. There are also several land borders which can be crossed using an eVisa, ideal for travelers arriving from neighboring India or Thailand.

Selecting registered accommodation in Myanmar

Foreign travelers must stay at registered accommodation in Myanmar and provide the contact details when applying for a visa.

This address acts as Myanmar proof of plans, visitors must reserve at least their first hotel or registered guesthouse in advance.

Travel Itinerary Recommendations

In addition to arranging these essential details, visitors are advised to prepare their Myanmar travel itinerary to experience everything the country has to offer.

Many tourists stay in Myanmar for around 10 days, long enough to see the main sites, an example 10-day itinerary can be found below.

Shorter trips are also worthwhile, those in the southeast Asian nation for just a few days may like to prioritize the most popular sights and attractions in Myanmar.

Most overseas visitors arrive by plane into Yangon International Airport, the largest and busiest in the country.

10-day travel itinerary for Myanmar

Ten days is enough time to visit what are considered to be Myanmar’s big 4 destinations:

  • Yangon
  • Inle Lake
  • Bagan
  • Mandalay

Foreigners may also like to check whether there are any public holidays and festivals in Myanmar during their stay and find the best place to be to enjoy the celebrations.

Start the trip in Yangon: Shwedagon pagoda

Yangon is a great place to start the trip, travelers can head straight to the city center from the airport.

Sightseers can use the city as a base to visit the famous Shwedagon pagoda and other religious monuments. Whilst in Yangon, it’s also worth going to Bogyoke Aung San Market (also known as Scott Market), for an authentic shopping experience.

Most tourists enjoy 2 or 3 days in Yangon.

Spend 2 days in the Inle Lake Region

After spending time discovering Yangon, many people head to Myanmar’s Inle Lake region. The easiest way to get there is by taking a flight from Yangon International airport to Heho airport.

A boat tour takes sightseers around the floating villages, markets, and stupas. It is worth dedicating 2 days to visiting the region.

Bagan is the next must-see destination in Myanmar

Bangan is an ancient site home to more than 2,000 temples and offers an insight into the country’s heritage. Bagan deserves a place on any travel itinerary for Myanmar.

Tourists need to allow at least a couple of days to visit Bagan, depending on how much of the site they wish to see. Some of the most popular temples include:

  • Shwezigon Temple
  • Ananda Temple
  • Htilominlo Temple
  • Dhammayangyi Temple

A day trip to Mount Popa is another popular activity whilst in Bagan. Sightseers will find a monastery on top of an extinct volcano amongst hundreds of monkeys.

Final stop and departure point: Mandalay

Travelers can fly from Nyaung U Airport in Bagan directly to Mandalay or take a 4-hour bus journey. As the second-largest city in the country, there is plenty to see and do.

City tours are available, perfect for exploring Mandalay and getting to know about its history and culture. Mandalay boasts many impressive temples and monasteries, such as:

  • Shwe In Bin Monastery
  • Mahamuni Paya Buddha Temple
  • Eindawya (Ein Daw Yar) Pagoda

There are also interesting places to visit in the wider region: the ancient city of Inwa is just 20km south of Mandalay.

When the trip comes to an end, foreigners can depart from Mandalay International Airport which is easily reached by taxi from the city center. Proof of onwards travel is not required to get a Myanmar eVisa but may be asked for by border officials.