How Do I Check My Myanmar Evisa Status?

Travelers who complete an online visa application for Myanmar can keep track of their eVisa status after submitting the form.

Updates on the progress of the eVisa application are sent to the email address provided by the applicant. This email address is also where the applicant will receive their approved visa. In the unlikely event that no emails are being received, the first thing to do is to check that they have not been sorted into the spam folder.

The applicant is welcome to inquire about the status of their application at any time. Information about the status will not be given unless a passport number or an application number is provided.

Most applications are approved after 3 business days and the traveler will be able to visit Myanmar for stays of up to 28 days with the tourist eVisa or 70 days with the business eVisa.

Myanmar eVisa Statuses

Depending on the stage of processing an application, the status of a Myanmar online visa will be shown as either “pending”, “approved”, or “denied”.

Myanmar eVisa Pending

After submitting the online application form for the Myanmar eVisa, the status will appear as “pending”. This means that the application is being processed and that the eVisa has neither been approved nor denied at this stage.

The “pending” status will show for 1-3 business days, as this is the time it normally takes to process an eVisa for Myanmar.

It is highly unusual for the Myanmar visa status to still be listed as “pending” after 72 hours. This may occur due to factors such as a very high volume of applications. It may also be because incorrect information and inconsistencies were discovered on the traveler’s form.

In the rare case that the traveler has not received the approved visa, they are advised to check their spam folder. It is likely that if they haven’t received an email about the application they will find it on their spam folder.

If an applicant is concerned about the length of time it is taking to process, they may send a contact form to enquire about the progress of their application.

Myanmar eVisa Application Approved

The vast majority of Myanmar eVisa applications are granted. In this case, the status will change from “pending” to “approved” within 72 hours of completing the online form. On rare occasions, the processing time may be a little longer.

Applicants will be notified in the change of status of their Myanmar eVisa by email. The approved eVisa will be delivered to the email address provided in their application form.

The traveler should then print a copy of their approved eVisa for Myanmar to present at border control upon arrival in the country.

Myanmar eVisa Application Denied

Travelers must also be aware that the Myanmar government reserves the right to deny a travel authorization to an applicant and will not provide additional information about their decision.

If the application is rejected, the Myanmar eVisa status will change from “pending” to “denied”. The applicant will be informed of this by email.

To avoid getting an application for the Myanmar eVisa rejected, the applicant is advised to be careful with the information they provide on the form.

The information on the application must match the passport data. Small errors and inconsistencies can cause the rejection of an application.

The applicant should double-check all of their information before submitting the form, including the spelling of their name, the number of their passport, and that the dates have been properly filled in. The validity of the passport must also meet Myanmar’s entry requirements.

If a Myanmar eVisa is denied, the most common cause is the presence of small mistakes on the original application. Travelers may reapply online.

Applying for the electronic visa is a straightforward process that takes a few minutes to complete. The traveler should have a passport with a validity of six months from the intended date of entry, an email address, and a debit or credit card to pay the visa fee. Additional requirements include a passport-sized photo and a scanned color copy of the biographical page of their passport.

In the rare case of multiple rejections, there are other avenues to pursue to obtain permission to travel to the country.