What to Do if Your Myanmar e-Visa Is Denied

Myanmar eVisa denied

The e-Visa for Myanmar is a convenient way to gain authorization to enter the country formerly known as Burma. The vast majority of applications made online are approved without any issue and enable travelers to enjoy their trip and experience the beauty of Myanmar.

However, in some rare cases, a Myanmar e-Visa application might be denied.

When permission to visit a country is not given, the first question people usually have is “why would the visa be denied?”, followed by “what can I do next?” It is important to know the answers to these questions in order to understand how to avoid problems in the future.

Why Was My Myanmar e-Visa Denied?

If a foreign national applying online finds their Myanmar e-Visa rejected, there are a number of possible things that might have caused this to happen.

However, the office does not provide the reason why an individual’s e-Visa was denied; the foreign traveler is simply notified that their application was unsuccessful.

The likely causes for the rejection of an online visa application for Myanmar are listed below.

The Application Contained Incorrect Information

The most common reason why a Myanmar online e-Visa application is rejected is because some of the information provided on the form was incorrect. This usually entails small errors that were noticed during the processing of the application form and flagged as being erroneous.

Although accidental mistakes usually seem minor, the information provided on visa applications must be 100% accurate.

Prospective visitors to Myanmar should take the utmost care when filling in the online form and double-check all of their personal details, passport information, contact details, and answers to the questions on the application before submitting it.

By completing the e-Visa application form for Myanmar through this website, travelers can minimize their chances of a rejection, as the data is verified before it is submitted to processing. This provides an extra check for errors and gives applicants a chance to rectify any mistakes.

Travelers must keep in mind that staying is only allowed in registered hotels, motels, resorts, guest houses, and inns.

There Was A Problem with the Traveler’s Passport

One possible reason why an e-Visa application might be rejected is that there was an issue with the passport details submitted.

One of the Myanmar e-Visa requirements is that the traveler’s passport has at least 6 months’ validity. Even if it is valid at the time of applying, the e-Visa may be denied if the passport is set to expire less than 6 months after the date of intended arrival in Myanmar.

The passport must also be issued by an eligible country. Only certain nationalities, including British, Canadian, and US citizens, are able to obtain a Myanmar e-Visa. If the individual is not eligible for the e-Visa, they will not be able to apply online.

Applicants should be sure to enter the country that corresponds to their passport, rather than the country in which they live (if different).

Additionally, all applicants should double-check that the passport details entered on the form are correct. If the e-Visa is granted, but the information on it does not correspond exactly to the data of the traveler’s passport, they may be denied entry at the Myanmar border.

The Applicant Is on a Watchlist

An application for a Burma e-Visa may be rejected if the applicant is on a list of individuals that are not permitted to enter Myanmar or require special permission to do so due to past events.

Individuals who have been involved in incidents on previous visits to Myanmar may be barred from returning. Such incidents may include:

  • Overstaying a visa
  • Being involved in civil unrest, such as demonstrations against the Burmese government
  • Having broken the law in Myanmar

Travelers with a history of involvement in serious criminal activity in any part of the world may be denied an e-Visa for Myanmar due to that, particularly if their names are on international watchlists.

What Can I Do If My Myanmar e-Visa is Rejected

If a Myanmar e-Visa application is rejected, the most likely cause is that there was a small error in the information submitted.

Travelers who have been denied an e-Visa for Myanmar may apply again.

It is advisable to thoroughly check and double-check all the information entered on the online form.

Applying online for the Myanmar e-Visa is the quickest and most convenient way to obtain authorization to enter the country.

If the Myanmar e-Visa status is rejected more than once and it is not clear why, it is advisable to contact one of the country’s overseas diplomatic missions (embassies and consulates) to enquire as to why the application has not been successful.