Differences Between the Myanmar eVisa and the Myanmar Visa On Arrival

myanmar visa on arrival vs evisa

Most foreign nationals who wish to travel to Myanmar (previously knowns as Burma) for short-term stays must obtain a visa to enter the country. Visitors to Myanmar can either apply for an electronic visa. The visa on arrival is currently available to a few countries.

Myanmar introduced Myanmar online eVisa on September 1st, 2014. The eVisa is issued to foreign nationals who wish to visit Myanmar for tourism and business purposes. The electronic visa system greatly simplifies the process of getting a visa to travel to the country.

Advantages of the Myanmar eVisa

There are several advantages to getting your visa for Myanmar online. To begin with, the application process is simple and quick. Foreign nationals of 100 countries are eligible for this visa and can access the Myanmar eVisa application form online. All the applicant needs is internet connection. Travelers can complete the electronic visa form from the comfort of their home or office, through a mobile, laptop, computer, or tablet. Completing the online application for the Myanmar eVisa should take the applicant a few minutes.

The requirements for the Myanmar electronic visa are also straightforward. Each applicant needs a valid passport from an eligible country, a debit or credit card, and an email address. Travelers must apply with the passport they are going to use when traveling to Myanmar. All foreign visitors must have a valid passport of with a minimum of six months from the expected date of arrival. The email address is needed, as this is where the approved eVisa will be sent to. The debit or credit card are required to cover the cost of the electronic visa.

Instead of having to go to an embassy or consulate, or wait in line upon arrival in Myanmar, eVisa applicants save time and money when applying online. After submitting the application, the system will take 3 business days to process it. Once the eVisa has been approved, it will be valid for a period of 90 days from the day it was issued.

If you are traveling for tourism, the eVisa will grant you a stay of 28 days in the country. If you need to travel to Myanmar for business, the eVisa will grant you a stay of 70 days.

Another advantage of the eVisa for Myanmar, is that it allows you to enter the country through several ports of entry:

  • Yangon International Airport
  • NAy Pyi Taw International Airport
  • Mandalay International Airport
  • Kawthaung Land Border Checkpoint with Thailand
  • Myawaddy Land Border Checkpoint with Thailand
  • Tachileik Land Border Checkpoint with Thailand
  • Rihkhawdar Land Border Checkpoint with India
  • Tamu Land Border Checkpoint with India

The majority of applications are approved, and travelers are able to travel to Myanmar without any issues. If for some reason a foreign national is not able to apply for a Myanmar eVisa online or their application is rejected, they can also head to a Myanmar embassy or consulate to get their visa. Approval of the Myanmar eVisa is at the discretion of the Myanmar government and immigration officials.

It is important to note, that the Myanmar eVisa for business purposes has a few additional requirements which are an invitation letter and a registration certificate from the inviting company, a passport-size photo, and accommodation booking confirmation. However, getting the eVisa for Myanmar for business purposes is still fairly easy and should not take applicants too much time.

Does Myanmar offer a Visa On Arrival?

Myanmar does offer a visa on arrival, which can be obtained by completing an application form upon arrival and paying the visa fee. However, not many foreign nationals are eligible for the visa on arrival. Citizens of the following countries may apply for a Myanmar visa on arrival:

The visa on arrival is also only available at the following airports:

  • Yangon International Airport
  • Nay Pyi Taw International Airport
  • Mandalay International Airport

Given that the visa on arrival is available only to a few countries, most foreign visitors must either get the eVisa or a consular visa. Nationals that are eligible for the Myanmar eVisa can easily get their authorization online.

The eVisa system simplifies the process of getting a visa as it is available online. In previous years, the visa on arrival was available to more nationalities. However, the country has been moving toward the electronic system to contribute to better immigration control.