Myanmar Visa Requirements for Cruise Passengers

Myanmar Visa for Cruises

Cruise passengers are often unsure about their visa requirements. As visa policies differ from country to country, travelers calling at several nations can be left feeling confused about the documents they need before embarking on their journey.

This article explains the visa requirements for entering Myanmar on a cruise ship and how and when to obtain the permit.

Do I Need a Visa to Enter Myanmar on a Cruise Ship?

A visa is required to enter Myanmar by sea. Cruise ship passengers must have a visa in order to disembark the boat and explore the country.

Most Myanmar cruise operators arrange all the paperwork passengers need, including the visa. Travelers should check with the cruise liner to ensure that this service is offered.

The majority of international cruise ships dock at Port Thilawa in Yangon. The largest city in Myanmar, Yangon is well worth visiting, home to top tourist attractions such as the Shwedagon pagoda.

Cruise passengers staying in Myanmar for a couple of days may also like to take a day trip to nearby Thanlyin, Twante, or Bago which are all a taxi ride away.

Which Ports of Entry Accept the Myanmar eVisa?

For tourists arriving in Myanmar by air or land, the Myanmar eVisa is the most convenient option. The visa application process is fully online and can be completed from home, with no need to attend an embassy or consulate.

Plane passengers and anyone using one of the Myanmar land border crossings can obtain their Myanmar visa by completing the short application form and receive the approved eVisa within 3 working days.

When completing the application, travelers select their port of entry from a drop-down list which includes the options listed below.

International Airports that accept the Myanmar eVisa

Foreigners with an eVisa can select from any of the following international airports:

  • Yangon International Airport
  • Mandalay International Airport
  • Nay Pyi Taw International Airport

Land border crossings that accept the Myanmar eVisa

Travelers can enter Myanmar from a neighboring country via one of these international land border crossings:

  • Tachileik land border checkpoint
  • Myawaddy land border checkpoint
  • Kawthaung land border checkpoint
  • Tamu land border checkpoint
  • Rih Khaw dar land border checkpoint

Can I use an eVisa to enter Myanmar on a cruise ship?

The eVisa is suitable for holidaymakers beginning their international cruise in Myanmar. They can fly to Myanmar with the eVisa before embarking the cruise ship at the port in Yangon.

As Myanmar seaports do not accept eVisas, foreigners entering Myanmar by boat are not eligible for the eVisa. Instead, cruise passengers should contact the company they are booking their holiday through for information.

Alternatively, cruise passengers can seek guidance at their nearest Myanmar embassy or consulate.

Myanmar eVisa for taking a river cruise

Tourists taking a popular river cruise starting in Myanmar can apply for a Myanmar eVisa to enter by air or sea before boarding the ship.

The eVisa is valid for 28 days from the date of entry, most Myanmar river cruises last a week or 10 days and call at destinations such as Mandalay, Pagan, and Pakokku.

Popular Myanmar Cruises

Cruises are a great way to include Myanmar on an Asia tour or to see several different areas within Myanmar.

A number of international cruises stop at Myanmar, often overnight, whilst there is also a plentiful range of Myanmar national cruises to enjoy.

International cruises that stop in Myanmar

  1. India- Sri Lanka- Myanmar- Thailand
  2. India- Maledives- Indonesia- Thailand- Myanmar
  3. Myanmar- Thailand- Indonesia- Malaysia- Singapore- Vietnam- Thailand

Passengers who opt for a cruise beginning in Myanmar, such as number 3 on the above list, can take advantage of the eVisa system. To enter Myanmar by ship, the visa must be arranged through the cruise company or embassy.

National river cruises in Myanmar

River cruises take place along the Irrawaddy and Chindwin rivers in Myanmar. Depending on the route selected, cruise passengers will get the chance to visit destinations including:

  • Danuphyu
  • Myanaung
  • Thayetmyo
  • Sale
  • Mingun
  • Salay

Foreigners arriving into an international airport, or via one of the land borders listed above, are eligible for the Myanmar eVisa. Applicants are asked some questions about their Myanmar travel plans in addition to indicating the intended port of entry.