Myanmar eVisa denied

What to Do if Your Myanmar e-Visa Is Denied

The e-Visa for Myanmar is a convenient way to gain authorization to enter the country formerly known as Burma. The vast majority of applications made online are approved without any issue and enable travelers to enjoy their trip and experience the beauty of Myanmar. However, in some rare cases, a Myanmar e-Visa application might be […]

Childrens in Myanmar

Myanmar eVisa for Children: Visiting Burma With Kids

Families planning to travel to Myanmar with kids often wonder what to see, whether it is easy to get around the country, whether there are family-friendly options for accommodation, and what documents minors need to enter the country. In this quick guide to visiting Burma with children, parents will find answers to all their most […]


Yangon Travel Guide: Advice for Foreign Visitors

Yangon (previously known as Rangoon) used to be Myanmar’s capital until 2006, when the government moved it to purpose-built Naypyidaw. Today, Yangon is the largest city in Myanmar, with a population of over 7 million people. Those traveling to Yangon for the first time may wonder about document requirements, safety, and what to do in […]

entry restrictions

Coronavirus: Myanmar Entry Restrictions

Countries across the world are introducing entry restrictions aimed at limiting the spread of COVID-19. This new strain of coronavirus first appeared in China towards the end of 2019. Positive measures are now being taken by the government of Myanmar in response to the outbreak. Myanmar has so far been less affected by COVID-19 than […]

business visa invitation letter

Myanmar Business Visa Invitation Letter and Company Registration Certificate

Foreign nationals traveling to Myanmar for business purposes should apply for the Myanmar (Burma) business visa. Citizens from more than 50 countries can now obtain this essential document online. With no need to attend the embassy or consulate, the Myanmar eVisa application process is quicker and simpler than requesting a traditional paper business visa. Travelers […]

Burma accommodation types

Registered Accommodation in Myanmar

From low-cost guesthouses to luxury hotels, Myanmar offers accommodation catering to every budget and requirement. In the major cities of Yangon and Mandalay, travelers can select from a wide range of hotels and guesthouses whilst away from these urban centers supply continues to increase to meet the growing tourist demand. Accommodation is always a key […]

Myanmar passport Stamp

How to Apply for a Myanmar Visa Extension

Travelers in possession of a Myanmar tourist eVisa may stay up to 28 days in the country. For the majority of sightseers, this time allowance is sufficient to see all the most popular sights and attractions in Myanmar. However, for tourists who want to explore the country even further, more days may be required. Similarly, […]

Travel to Myanmar on a budget

Setting your budget to Myanmar

With prices varying greatly from country to country it can be challenging for travelers to set a budget for their trip. The information below helps visitors to calculate how much they will spend during a stay in Myanmar based on the price of hotels, food, and transport. As a country in Southeast Asia, travelers from […]

Internet connection in Myanmar for tourist

Internet and Telephone Connections for Tourists in Myanmar

Telecommunications in Myanmar are constantly improving, with growing infrastructure and an increasing proportion of the population having access to a cell phone. With SIM penetration at around 105% and smartphone penetration in the region of 80%, it is clear that mobile phone usage in Myanmar is increasingly widespread. Moreover, Myanmar’s Internet market is one of […]

Inke Lake in Myanmar

Myanmar’s Inle Lake Region Essential Travel Guide

Inle Lake is a popular tourist destination in Myanmar. Visitors head to the Inle Lake region to see the famous floating villages and gardens and to witness the local fishermen’s unique fishing style. Measuring 13.6 miles (22km) by 6.2 miles (10 km), Inle Lake is the second largest in Myanmar and lies between 2 mountain […]