Myanmar Tourist eVisa

The Myanmar or Burma tourist visa can be applied for electronically, saving time queuing at embassies or airports. Learn more about the tourist eVisa for Myanmar (Burma) and how to apply using the easy online application form.

What is a Myanmar Tourist e-Visa?

If you plan on visiting Myanmar for leisure or travel, you can apply for a Myanmar tourist eVisa. The visa is available to several citizens of different countries around the globe and enables visa holders to stay in Myanmar for a total of up to 28 days. The tourist visa is a single-entry visa only.

Those who require a tourist visa for visiting Myanmar can apply online by filling out the Myanmar visa application form. In order to apply for a tourist visa for Myanmar successfully, it is important to check that you are able to comply with the Myanmar visa requirements. See below to read more about the requirements for the Myanmar tourist visa.

Eligible citizens for the tourist visa will be required to enter Myanmar through one of the eight Myanmar checkpoints by air or land crossing available. However, if you plan on going on a cruise that stops at or arrives in Myanmar, the online visa for Myanmar is unfortunately not available.

The Myanmar eVisa can be used at several ports of entry which are:

  • Yangon International Airport
  • NAy Pyi Taw International Airport
  • Mandalay International Airport
  • Kawthaung Land Border Checkpoint with Thailand
  • Myawaddy Land Border Checkpoint with Thailand
  • Tachileik Land Border Checkpoint with Thailand
  • Rihkhawdar Land Border Checkpoint with India
  • Tamu Land Border Checkpoint with India

How to Apply Online for a Myanmar Tourist Visa

The process of applying for a Myanmar tourist visa is done entirely online. This enables travelers to apply from anywhere in the world, providing that they have internet access.  The steps for applying for a Myanmar tourist visa include:

  • Checking that you are able to comply with the visa requirements prior to applying
  • Filling out the application form with the necessary information
  • Paying the visa fee online with a valid credit or debit card
  • Receiving the Myanmar tourist eVisa at the email address provided in the application form

The Burma tourist eVisa application form is a simple online form that requires applicants to fill out information including:

  • Personal details
  • Passport information
  • Security questions

How Long Does the Myanmar Tourist Visa Application Take to Complete?

The application form can take between 10-20 minutes to complete. It is simple to fill out and also involves paying the online visa fee with a credit or debit card. Once you have completed the application form and paid the visa fee, the application will be submitted for scanning.

The overall processing time takes approximately 3 working days. This is effective as of when you receive an email confirming that you have submitted your visa application and that the online payment has been successful.

The holder of the eVisa will have 90 days to use the visa from the date of issue.

Myanmar Tourist eVisa Requirements

In order to successfully apply for a Myanmar tourist eVisa, it is important to check that you are able to comply with the requirements of the visa application process. This will help to avoid any delays in the application process and enable your application form to be processed more quickly.

The following requirements should be met when applying for a Myanmar eVisa:

  • Applicants must be able to pay the eVisa fee online using a valid credit or debit card
  • All passports must be valid for at least 6 months
  • A color passport-size photo that meets the visa photo requirements.

It is necessary to be able to meet the above requirements in order to apply for a tourist visa for Myanmar successfully.

The eVisa for Myanmar is available for citizens of over 100 countries and can be quickly obtained through an online application.

The average processing time for a Myanmar visa depends on the overall time spent completing the application. If applicants fill out the online visa application form and are able to complete it as well as pay the visa fee online, this means that the application form will be submitted instantly. It is imperative that the application form be completed in order to begin the processing time needed for scanning the visa application.

Once the application and necessary required documents have been uploaded, travelers are able to check the tourist visa status for Myanmar through the updates sent to the current email address provided on the online form.

If the applicant does not receive these updates via email for whatever reason, it is possible to submit a contact form requesting the status of the application.

However, it is important to note that the facility for checking an online tourist visa status is only available to customers.

At present, both the tourist visa and the business visa for Myanmar are single-entry visas. This means that those who wish to leave and re-enter Myanmar will have to apply for another visa. However, if you wish to re-enter Myanmar, you can apply for a visa electronically. Make sure that you check the Myanmar visa types before applying and are able to comply with the visa requirements, as well.

If you are in Myanmar and wish to extend your Myanmar visa, you can seek more information first-hand from the Myanmar immigration authorities at various checkpoints, airports or visit your nearest embassy according to your nationality.

As of October 1st, 2019, a visa on arrival has become available for a few specific countries. Nationals of the following countries will be the only ones eligible for the Myanmar visa on arrival:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Czech Republic
  • Hungary
  • Luxembourg
  • New Zealand
  • China
  • Italy
  • India
  • Germany
  • Russia
  • Spain
  • Switzerland

It is important to note that the visa on arrival will only be available at Yangon International Airport, Nay Pyi Taw International Airport and Mandalay International Airport.

The Myanmar visa on arrival grants its holder a maximum stay of 30 consecutive days in the country. 

Instead of a visa on arrival, citizens of a hundred countries can easily obtain the Myanmar eVisa for tourism or business purposes. The difference between these two visas is the purpose of the trip, and the length of time allowed. The tourist eVisa grants stays of up to 28 days in Myanmar. Meanwhile, the business eVisa grants the holder stays of up to 70 days in the country.

There are many advantages about the electronic visa for Myanmar opposed to the visa on arrival. Travelers can complete the online application for their electronic Visa from the comfort of their home or office. Eligible applicants do not need to go to an embassy or consulate, they can easily access the Myanmar eVisa application form online. In a matter of minutes, the applicant is able to fill out the form with their personal and passport details. Once the application is submitted, it takes 3 business days to process the application.

The main requirements to get the eVisa for Myanmar are to have a valid passport, an email address and a debit or credit card. There are two evidence requirements necessary, these are a scanned copy of the biographical page of the current passport and a recent passport-style color photo.