Myanmar Currency

Myanmar Currency Guide: Cash Exchange and Paying by Card

The tourism industry in Myanmar is a developing sector. For this reason, travelers need to consider access to currency when preparing for their trip. Common concerns that arise when budgeting for Myanmar include how and where to exchange cash for local currency and whether they will be able to use credit or debit cards. This […]

Myanmar Travel Packing List

Packing for a Trip to Myanmar: Clothing and Essential Items

Packing suitable clothing and other items is essential for a trip to Myanmar. With a tropical monsoon climate, travelers need to be well prepared for hot, humid conditions during much of the year. However, the weather isn’t the only consideration when choosing what to take. As a mainly Buddhist country, how people dress is tied […]

ethical travel myanmar

Ethical Travel to Myanmar

Travel to Myanmar can raise something of an ethical dilemma for many would-be visitors. The country emerged from the long-standing military dictatorship of the Burma Socialist Programme Party following the general election in 2010 and has taken huge steps towards democracy within the last decade. Myanmar has reopened to the outside world, allowing tourists to […]

myanmar prohibited items

Myanmar Customs Regulations: Import and Export Restrictions

When preparing for a trip to Myanmar (Burma), there are a few important entry restrictions to take into account. Firstly, the majority of foreign citizens require a visa to enter Myanmar. Travelers should check Myanmar’s visa requirements and apply for the relevant permit online in advance. Passengers must also be aware of the import and […]

Myanmar Visa for Cruises

Myanmar Visa Requirements for Cruise Passengers

Cruise passengers are often unsure about their visa requirements. As visa policies differ from country to country, travelers calling at several nations can be left feeling confused about the documents they need before embarking on their journey. This article explains the visa requirements for entering Myanmar on a cruise ship and how and when to […]

Myanmar travel details

Plan a Travel Itinerary for Myanmar

To successfully complete the Myanmar visa application, travelers need to have certain plans and arrangements in place. To comply with the Myanmar eVisa requirements, applicants must supply some specific details about their journey including the expected date of arrival and port of entry. For this reason, although foreigners are advised to request a visa well […]

myanmar best food market

Food Safety in Myanmar : Where to Drink and Eat in Myanmar

When eating at local markets or street food vendors it is important to stay mindful of health and safety. Hygiene standards are very different from those more commonly expected in Western countries. To stay safe and healthy during a visit to the country, or anywhere across Southeast Asia, it’s recommended to remember the following tips: […]

Myanmar Light Festivals

Thadingyut and Tazaungdaing Light Festivals in Myanmar

Each year 2 Buddhist festivals of light are celebrated in Myanmar: Thadingyut festival and Tazaungdaing Festival. Travelers in Myanmar for either of these annual festivities will see the country aglow as home, temples, and streets are adorned with bright lights. Both of these magical light festivals offer tourists an insight into Buddhist tradition and Myanmar […]

Myanmar Festivals

Public Holidays and Festivals in Myanmar

There are many public holidays in the Myanmar calendar. Most of these involve some sort of festival or celebration of the country’s history or culture. The famous Thingyan Water Festival in spring and the Festival of Lights in autumn are among the best-known Myanmar holidays and draw visitors from around the world to experience the […]

Trekking in Putao Hilamaya

A Guide to Trekking in the Myanmar Himalaya

The far northern region of Myanmar (Burma) is the perfect destination for travelers with a sense of adventure. Few tourists visit this remote area of the country, opting instead for the more frequented areas including the Inle Lake region and Yangon. The Burmese Himalayan region offers a unique opportunity to experience this unspoiled landscape and […]