Inke Lake in Myanmar

Myanmar’s Inle Lake Region Essential Travel Guide

Inle Lake is a popular tourist destination in Myanmar. Visitors head to the Inle Lake region to see the famous floating villages and gardens and to witness the local fishermen’s unique fishing style. Measuring 13.6 miles (22km) by 6.2 miles (10 km), Inle Lake is the second largest in Myanmar and lies between 2 mountain […]

burma best destiny in asia

Myanmar, an Unspoiled Tourist Destination in Asia

Bali, Bangkok, and Beijing have long been favored destinations for travelers embarking on a trip around Asia. With their rich history, culture and tradition, it is easy to see why such places attract millions of visitors each year. However, for tourists who don’t want to follow the crowds, but instead wish to experience unspoiled natural […]


Travel Guide to Bagan: What to See and How to Get There

Bagan is one of the absolute must-see destinations for Myanmar temple spotters. It offers a beautiful glimpse into the country’s impressive cultural past and is breathtaking to behold in person. However, before getting there, tourists should have a good understanding of what to expect from this site containing over 2200 temples as well as how […]

Getting around Mandalay

Convenient Travel to Mandalay with the Myanmar eVisa

Mandalay is the religious and economic center of upper Myanmar. One of the old capitals of Burma, its very name sounds exotic, connected to the romance of the Kipling poem, the Sinatra song, and Las Vegas’s Mandalay Bay casino. Thanks to the Myanmar eVisa, it is now easier than ever to visit Mandalay and its […]


Tourist Guide to Mandalay

The last royal capital of Burma, Mandalay and the surrounding area are home to some of Myanmar’s most impressive landmarks. It is known in popular culture as a romantic and exotic city, inspiring poems, songs, and even a casino resort in Las Vegas. Discover the culture and history of Mandalay with this quick guide to […]

Myanmar UNESCO Sites

List Myanmar UNESCO Sites

A World Heritage Site is a landmark or area which is chosen to be legally protected by international treaties by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). In order to make the list, the chosen property needs to be considered to have great cultural, historical or scientific significance. These protected sites can now […]

myanmar travel safety

Is It Safe to Travel to Myanmar?

Myanmar is a safe country to visit in general, where travelers are welcomed, and the growing tourism industry offers a variety of interesting resorts, excursions, cruises, and sights to explore. The areas most frequented by tourists report little to no incidents or serious problems, however, visitors to Myanmar are advised to familiarize themselves with potential […]

myanmar public transport

Getting Around Myanmar: The Best Ways of Traveling Long-Distance

Myanmar is a vast country and journeys can take a long time if you use public transport. It is also worth bearing in mind that traveling around Myanmar is not as economical as other countries in Southeast Asia. Researching beforehand can help you to travel to Myanmar on a budget and plan. Although the roads […]

myanmar roads conditions

Myanmar Road And Traffic Conditions

Myanmar’s highway network is becoming more developed each year. However, most visitors to the country will still find Myanmar’s road and traffic conditions are significantly different from those in Europe or the USA. Travelers arriving in the country with a Myanmar electronic Visa should be prepared for what they might encounter when using the nation’s […]

Restricted Areas for Tourists in Myanmar

Restricted Areas for Tourists in Myanmar

Tourism in Myanmar (formerly Burma) has greatly increased in the past 10 years, with the number of international visitor arrivals rising from just over 100,000 in 2008 to over 3 million in 2018. While many of the popular attractions in Myanmar are located in the largest city and former capital, Yangon, the lush landscapes and […]