How Do I Check My Myanmar Evisa Status?

Travelers who complete an online visa application for Myanmar can keep track of their eVisa status after submitting the form. Updates on the progress of the eVisa application are sent to the email address provided by the applicant. This email address is also where the applicant will receive their approved visa. In the unlikely event […]

myanmar embassies

Myanmar Embassies Around the World

A Myanmar embassy is a diplomatic mission representing the nation formerly known as Burma in another part of the world. They perform a full range of consular services, including giving assistance and support to Burmese citizens abroad and providing information and visa services to foreign nationals who plan to visit Myanmar. Myanmar maintains a number […]

Meditate in Myanmar

Meditation in Myanmar: Do I Need a Special Visa?

Travelers who wish to learn more about meditation should consider visiting Myanmar. As the majority of the Burmese population is Buddhist, there are many monasteries and meditation centers across the nation offering people of all nationalities and faiths the opportunity to benefit from spiritual instruction. Meditation is an excellent way to reduce stress and anxiety, […]

Myanmar eVisa denied

What to Do if Your Myanmar e-Visa Is Denied

The e-Visa for Myanmar is a convenient way to gain authorization to enter the country formerly known as Burma. The vast majority of applications made online are approved without any issue and enable travelers to enjoy their trip and experience the beauty of Myanmar. However, in some rare cases, a Myanmar e-Visa application might be […]

Childrens in Myanmar

Myanmar eVisa for Children: Visiting Burma With Kids

Families planning to travel to Myanmar with kids often wonder what to see, whether it is easy to get around the country, whether there are family-friendly options for accommodation, and what documents minors need to enter the country. In this quick guide to visiting Burma with children, parents will find answers to all their most […]

business visa invitation letter

Myanmar Business Visa Invitation Letter and Company Registration Certificate

Foreign nationals traveling to Myanmar for business purposes should apply for the Myanmar (Burma) business visa. Citizens from more than 50 countries can now obtain this essential document online. With no need to attend the embassy or consulate, the Myanmar eVisa application process is quicker and simpler than requesting a traditional paper business visa. Travelers […]

Myanmar passport Stamp

How to Apply for a Myanmar Visa Extension

Travelers in possession of a Myanmar tourist eVisa may stay up to 28 days in the country. For the majority of sightseers, this time allowance is sufficient to see all the most popular sights and attractions in Myanmar. However, for tourists who want to explore the country even further, more days may be required. Similarly, […]

myanmar visa photo requirements

Photo ID Requirements for a Myanmar Visa

Before traveling to the country, all foreign citizens should first check if they require a visa for Myanmar. A number of nationalities are now able to apply for a Myanmar eVisa for purposes of either business or tourism through a simple online application, eliminating the need to apply from an embassy or consulate or queue […]

Myanmar Border Crossings

Myanmar Border Crossings

Myanmar has borders with India, Bangladesh, China, Laos and Thailand. Nationals of a hundred countries can easily obtain the eVisa to travel to Myanmar for tourism or business. The online visa can be used to enter Myanmar through several different air and land entry points. Applying for an eVisa will take eligible travelers a few […]

myanmar visa extension

Indian and Chinese Myanmar Visa on Arrival Schemes to be Extended

Although several foreign nationalities are able to travel to Myanmar for short stays for purposes of business or tourism, citizens of China and India are required to obtain one of the types of visas for Myanmar to visit the country. A Myanmar eVisa for tourism and business from India and China is available online through a […]