Myanmar Visa for Filipinos

All Filipino nationals traveling to Myanmar must possess a valid Myanmar online visa for Filipino citizens to enter the country. Holders of valid Filipino passports are entitled to apply online for a Myanmar visa for Filipino citizens known as a Myanmar electronic Visa or eVisa Approval Letter. The eVisa can replace a traditional paper visa for Filipino nationals.

Myanmar Visa Requirements for Filipino Citizens

To fulfill the Myanmar visa requirements for Filipino citizens, applicants must provide the following items:

  • A Filipino passport which is valid at the time of application and will still be valid no less than 6 months after the passport holder’s planned arrival date in Myanmar
  • A headshot photograph which meets passport standards in terms of size, composition, and quality and which is no more than 3 months old
  • A working debit/credit card

Myanmar Visa Application Form for Filipino Passport Holders

Filipinos can apply online for the Myanmar visa via a swift and simple process. Applicants can simply fill out an online form with the following items of information:

  • Applicant’s full name, date of birth, nationality, and gender
  • Applicant’s passport details
  • A current phone number and email address
  • The applicant’s planned itinerary and date of arrival onto Burmese territory and desired visa type

Filipinos applying for a travel authorization for Myanmar are advised that there are two visa categories available to choose from:

  • The Myanmar tourist visa for Filipino passport holders. With a tourist visa, travelers may stay in Myanmar for up to 28 days. It’s not possible to extend this visa from within Myanmar.
  • The Myanmar visa for Filipino for business purposes. This visa grants the holder the right to stay on Burmese territory for up to 70 days.

To complete their application, travelers simply need to confirm the information they have provided, submit their application, and pay the application processing fee. The visa will be delivered by electronic means when the payment has been processed. Applicants should note that it can take a maximum of 72 hours for the Myanmar travel authorization to be delivered, but they can review their application online at any time.

Useful Additional Information on Myanmar Visa for Filipino Citizen

In addition to obtaining their visa online, Filipino nationals will also be asked to present the following pieces of documentation when they arrive at a port of entry into Myanmar:

  • A print-out of their granted visa (visitors should keep this on them at all times while traveling through Myanmar)
  • Copies of reservations, bookings, receipts, etc. for accommodation in registered hotels, guest houses, resorts or other registered accommodation facilities in Myanmar
  • Evidence that they are able to fund their activities for the duration of their stay on Burmese territory
  • Proof of plans for a return trip to the Philippines or an onward journey to a third country after their stay in Myanmar is over

Any Filipino applying specifically for a visa for Myanmar for business purposes must also be able to produce the following documents upon arrival:

Filipinos traveling to Myanmar may also find the following information about the Myanmar visa for Filipino nationals helpful:

  • This travel authorization is categorized as a single-entry visa, meaning that Filipino citizens can only make one entry into Myanmar on each eVisa. Filipino visitors to Myanmar who intended to make more than one entry onto Burmese territory must apply for an individual visa for each entry
  • The Myanmar visa for Filipino citizens is valid for 90 days, counting from the date on which it is issued. If the visa expires before it is used, it is not valid for entry into Myanmar and must be replaced with a new eVisa
  • Children younger than 7 are permitted to travel on the eVisa of their parent or guardian, as long as their information is present on both the visa and the passport of the guardian. Children over 7 or who have their own passports need to apply for a visa independently of their parent or guardian

Filipino Citizen Myanmar Visa on Arrival

The Myanmar visa on arrival option does not apply to citizens of the Philippines, as all holders of a valid Filipino passport have the right to enter Myanmar visa-free for a period of up to 14 days.