Myanmar eVisa for Finnish Citizens

Burma, currently known as Myanmar, opened its borders to international tourists in 2011, when the Myanmar electronic visa system was launched for eligible citizens such as Finnish passport holders.

This new procedure of obtaining a visa to Myanmar was set in place to facilitate high tourist and business demands and to also make it easier for those who are eligible to simply obtain the e-Visa to Burma without having to organize an appointment with a local embassy or consulate.

Which Myanmar eVisa Type Should Finnish Nationals Apply for?

There are two different types of electronic Myanmar visas that Finnish visitors can choose from. The primary difference between the Myanmar tourist eVisa and the Myanmar business eVisa completely depends on the reason for traveling to the southeast Asian country.

The Myanmar tourist e-visa authorizes a Finnish traveler to enjoy sightseeing and to travel for leisure purposes whereas the Myanmar business online visa permits a Finnish visitor to travel for business reasons. This may include meetings or conferences being held in Burma where a Finnish business traveler is invited to attend.

However, the most sought after Visa for most international travelers is the tourist electronic visa to Burma.

Burma tourist eVisa’s validity for Finnish visitors

Finnish applicants applying for the Burmese tourist eVisa are permitted to enter the country based on a single-entry permit. This means that if a Finnish tourist exits Myanmar after they have used this authorization, they will be required to apply for another Myanmar tourist visa.

The additional conditions of the tourist eVisa to Myanmar consist of an allowed stay of 28 consecutive days over a visa validity period of 90 days from the date of eVisa issuance.

Validity of Myanmar business eVisa for Finland

Similar to the permitted entry of the tourist e-visa, the business eVisa to Myanmar allows a Finnish business traveler to also enter Burma based on a single-entry authorization.

However, the maximum permitted stay allowed with a Myanmar business is 70 consecutive days over a visa validity period of 90 days.

Myanmar eVisa Requirements for Finnish passport holders

Once a Finnish applicant has considered which Burma e-Visa type suits them best for their purpose of travel they are then required to meet and comply with the prerequisites in which that e-Visa type calls for.

There are various Burma eVisa entry requirements such as supporting documents and personal information that need to be uploaded and submitted throughout the online application form in order to successfully obtain an eVisa to Myanmar.

The following supporting documents and personal information must be respected as these prerequisites have been set in place by the government of Myanmar:

  • A valid Finnish passport with a minimum validity of 6 months from the expected arrival date
  • A copy or scanned image of the biographical page of the passport must be submitted.
  • A passport-size photo. Finnish visitors can find out the defined Burma eVisa photo specifications that need to be met
  • A valid email address in order to receive the visa electronically
  • A valid debit or credit card in order to pay for the eVisa processing fee upon completion of the visa application form

If Finnish passport holders instead need to apply for a business e-Visa to Myanmar they must comply with the necessary requirements of this visa type as they differ slightly from the tourist visa prerequisites.

Burma business eVisa conditions and terms for Finland

The following requirements must be complied with in order to successfully obtain a Myanmar business eVisa:

  • The conditions mentioned above for the tourist eVisa must be submitted for the business eVisa also
  • A Myanmar business letter of invitation from the registered company in Myanmar
  • The registration number of the Myanmar company
  • A certificate of incorporation (for a local company) or a certificate of registration of Branch office (as a Foreign Investment Company)

Finnish applicants should note that failing to fulfill these requirements could result in an eVisa refusal; therefore, it is advised to carefully revised the requirements of each Burmese visa type before applying online.

How to Apply for a Myanmar eVisa From Finland

Finnish passport holders can apply from the comfort of their home or from anywhere in the world as long as they have a good internet connection.

The simple, easy, and straightforward Burma online visa application form takes Finnish applicants a matter of minutes to complete.

There may be some health and safety questions that will also need to be answered when completing the application form to avoid any unforeseen issues when entering the country.

As soon as the visa processing fee is paid by Finnish visitors, they can expect to receive their approved eVisa in a few days or even hours via email in PDF format.