Myanmar Visa for French Citizen

All foreign visitors to Myanmar are required to hold a valid visa in order to enter the country. As of September 1st, 2014, individuals holding valid French passports may apply for an electronic visa for Myanmar for French citizens. This visa is referred to as the Myanmar online Visa or electronic visa and is used in place of a traditional paper visa. This visa Myanmar for French passport holders can be obtained quickly and easily online.

Myanmar Visa Requirements for French Citizens

Anyone applying for a Myanmar visa from France must be in possession of the following items:

  • A French passport which is currently valid and will remain valid for at least 6 months after the traveler’s intended date of arrival in Myanmar
  • A recent, passport-size headshot photograph which is up to passport standards
  • A working debit/credit card

Applicants for the visa for Myanmar for French citizens should note that there are two categories of travel authorizations available:

  • The tourist visa for Myanmar from France. This visa allows the holder to stay in Myanmar for up to 28 days. This visa category cannot be extended from within Myanmar
  • The Myanmar business visa for French citizens. This visa permits French passport holders to remain in Myanmar for stays of up to 70 days and can be extended inside the country

Applicants for the Myanmar visa for business purposes should note that they will be obliged to present a Letter of Invitation from Inviting Company and an Inviting Company Registration in addition to their printed visa upon entering Myanmar.

Myanmar Visa Application Form for French Passport Holders

In order to acquire a Myanmar eVisa from France, French citizens must complete and submit an online application form, supplying the following details about themselves:

  • Full name, date of birth, place of birth, citizenship, gender
  • Passport number and date of issue and expiry of the passport
  • Telephone number and valid email address
  • Intended date of arrival in Myanmar
  • Desired visa type (business or tourism)

Once the application form is complete, travelers need to confirm the information recorded and pay a processing fee. Once this fee has been received, the eVisa will be delivered to the applicant in electronic format. Applicants should then print a copy of their Burma visa for French citizens. Visitors to Myanmar must present this copy to Burmese immigration authorities upon entering Myanmar and keep it with them for the duration of their visit.

Applicants should note that their eVisa may take up to three days to be delivered. French citizens can check the status of their Myanmar eVisa application online.

It is important for travelers to note that the Myanmar visa from France is a single-entry visa, meaning it permits its holder to enter Burmese territory only once. Any traveler intending to enter Myanmar multiple times or make multiple trips to Myanmar needs to apply for a new visa each time they plan to cross into Burmese territory.

Similarly, if the eVisa expires before it is used and the holder still intends to travel to Myanmar, they need to apply for a new Myanmar visa.

Further Information on the Myanmar Visa for France

Other useful information on the visa for Myanmar for French citizens includes:

  • The visa is valid for a period of 90 days from the date on which it is issued
  • With a visa Myanmar for French passports, travelers may enter Myanmar through any of 8 international entry ports and may exit through any land, sea, or airport in the country
  • Children under 7 years old traveling to Myanmar with a parent or guardian may travel on that guardian’s eVisa, provided their details are included on both the guardian’s passport and visa confirmation.
  • Travelers should note that children over 7 years old must apply for their own visa for Myanmar, even if they are traveling with a parent or guardian

In order to enter Myanmar, French citizens must present, along with a copy of their eVisa and, if applying for a business visa, their Letter of Invitation from Inviting Company and Inviting Company Registration, the following pieces of documentation:

  • Confirmation records for registered accommodation within Myanmar: hotel reservations, guest house bookings, resort package receipts, etc.
  • Evidence that they possess sufficient funds to cover the entirety of their stay in Myanmar
  • Proof of travel arrangements for an onward or return journey after their stay in Myanmar is complete: train, plane, or bus tickets, etc.

Visa on Arrival for French Citizens

Currently, the Myanmar visa on arrival is not available for French passport holders. French citizens wishing to apply for a Myanmar visa France may do so via the eVisa system or at a Burmese embassy.