Myanmar Visa for German Citizens

All German citizens who wish to visit Myanmar must have a valid Myanmar visa for German passport holders. Since September 1st, 2014, holders of valid German passports are eligible to apply for a Burma visa for German citizens online. This is known as the Burma or Myanmar eVisa or eVisa Approval Letter and can be used in place of a standard paper visa.

Myanmar Visa Requirements for German Nationals

In order to meet the Myanmar visa requirements for German nationals, applicants must be able to produce the following:

  • A valid German passport which will remain valid for no less than 6 months after the applicant’s intended arrival date in Myanmar
  • A passport-standard, headshot-style photograph taken within the last 3 months
  • A valid debit or credit card

When learning about the Myanmar visa requirements travelers should note that two types of Myanmar eVisas are available:

  • The tourist visa. Visitors may travel to Myanmar for up to 28 days on this visa. It cannot be extended from inside Burmese territory
  • The business visa. German citizens may visit Myanmar for up to 70 days on Myanmar visa for business purposes. It can be extended inside Myanmar

How to Get a Myanmar Visa from Germany

Germans who meet the Myanmar visa requirements may apply for a Burma electronic visa by filling in an electronic application form with the following personal information:

  • Full name, date and place of birth, country of citizenship, gender
  • Passport details, including number/ID, date of issue, and expiry date
  • Phone number and working email address
  • Planned date of entry into Burmese territory
  • Visa type (tourist visa or business visa)

The final step in applying for the visa is to review and confirm the information entered and pay an application processing fee. Applicants will receive their travel authorization in electronic format once the fee has been paid. Travelers should be aware that electronic delivery of their eVisa may take up to three days. Applications can be reviewed and checked online at any time.

Please note that any child over the age of 7 must apply for their own Myanmar visa, independent of their parent or guardian’s application. Any child under the age of 7 may travel on a parent or guardian’s visa, provided their details are included on both the passport and the eVisa of the guardian.

Additional Information about the Myanmar Visa for German Passport Holders

Additional information on the Myanmar visa for German passport holders that can be useful includes:

  • The Myanmar eVisa is a single-entry visa which the bearer can use to make only one entry into the country. Any German national who wants to enter Burmese territory multiple times must meet the specific requirements and submit the online eVisa application again for each entry
  • The eVisa remains valid for 90 days after it is issued. eVisas that expire without being used are no longer valid and a new application must be submitted
  • Germans in possession of a Myanmar visa have the right to enter the country through 8 of the land and sea ports, and to exit through any port or crossing

Germans entering Myanmar must provide the following documents to the Burmese authorities:

  • A printed copy of their eVisa (travelers should keep this copy on them at all times while in Myanmar)
  • Booking records, confirmation emails, receipts, etc. for registered hotels, guest houses, resorts, or other registered accommodation inside Myanmar
  • Evidence that they possess the resources necessary to fund the full duration of their stay in Myanmar
  • Plane, boat, train, or bus tickets or some other documentation proving arrangements for a return journey home or onward journey to a third country once their stay in Myanmar has come to an end

In addition, Germans applying for the Myanmar business visa must also be able to present the following documentation:

Myanmar Visa on Arrival for German Passport Holders

As of October 2019, Germans are also eligible to apply for a Myanmar visa on arrival. Germany is part of the limited list of countries whose national can obtain this type of visa. Other countries include:

Travelers will need to queue at the airport’s immigration desk and present the relevant documentation and application fee. It’s entirely up to the traveler what visa to choose. However, the electronic visa is the quickest and most convenient option as it allows to apply from anywhere in the world and avoids long queues.