Myanmar (Burma) eVisa for Citizens of Mexico

Mexican tourists traveling to Myanmar for shorter periods of time are eligible to apply for a Myanmar electronic visa. The Myanmar eVisa is an online travel authorization that fully replaces the paper visa.

This travel authorization was introduced in 2014 in order to facilitate entry to the country that, after 50 years of isolation, has become an attractive tourist destination in Asia.

There is no need to go to an embassy or consulate in person to obtain a Myanmar eVisa. The visa application is done entirely online and the approval of a Myanmar visa for Mexican citizens is received by email in a matter of days after submitting the application.

Myanmar Visa Requirements for Mexicans

Travelers who intend to apply for an eVisa must meet several Myanmar visa requirements for Mexican citizens. Applicants are expected to have:

  • A stable internet connection to apply for a Myanmar eVisa online
  • A computer, tablet, or a mobile phone in order to fill out the application form
  • A Mexican passport valid for at least 6 months after the intended entry to Myanmar, with at least one remaining empty page
  • An active email address for receiving all correspondence related to the eVisa as well as the visa approval
  • An unexpired debit or credit card for paying the eVisa processing fee online

Note that Mexican tourists can enter Myanmar only through one of the eight border checkpoints available:

  • Yangon International Airport
  • Nay Pyi Taw International Airport
  • Mandalay International Airport
  • Myawaddy Land Border Checkpoint
  • Tachileik Land Border Checkpoint
  • Kawthaung Land Border Checkpoint
  • Rihkhawdar Land Border Checkpoint
  • Tamu Land Border Checkpoint

The eVisa for Myanmar is not valid for entering the country by sea, on a ship or a cruise that stops in Myanmar, for example. Borders with Laos, Bangladesh, and China are also currently closed to foreigners.

Burma eVisa: Maximum stay allowed for Mexicans

Mexican eVisa holders can stay in Myanmar for 28 days at a time. Currently, Myanmar issues only single-entry visas.

While visa extension is not possible, travelers can apply for a new eVisa if they wish to re-enter the country.

Note that Myanmar visa is an authorization to travel and does not guarantee entry into the country. That decision is at the sole discretion of the Myanmar border immigration officers.

Important: The visa needed to go from Mexico to Myanmar is valid for 90 days after the date of the issue.

Apply for Myanmar eVisa From Mexico

Getting a Myanmar visa in Mexico is a very simple process. The first step is completing the Myanmar visa application form, which takes less than 20 minutes.

Candidates are asked to provide a number of personal, passport, and trip details, including:

  • Full name
  • Nationality
  • Gender
  • Date and place of birth
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Passport country, number, issue date, expiry date
  • Port of entry to Myanmar
  • Dates of travel

Travelers must also answer several security-related questions. It is essential to double-check the application before submitting it to avoid any errors. Failure to answer the application questions correctly or providing false information can lead to delays or eVisa rejection.

All Mexican passport holders, except for minors traveling on their parent’s or guardian’s passport, must fill out a separate eVisa application form. Candidates who travel to Burma with children under 7 years old traveling on their passport are required to complete the minors section of the application form.

Myanmar eVisa fee is paid through a secure online system using either a debit or credit card. All major international cards are accepted as valid payment methods.

Visa processing takes approximately 3 business days, and the approval is sent to the applicant by email. Travelers are advised to print out the eVisa and have it ready to show at the border control along with their passport.

Myanmar visa on arrival for Mexican passport holders

At this time, a visa on arrival is only available for nationals of a small number of countries: China, India, Russia, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland. Mexican citizens are currently not eligible for a visa on arrival. Therefore, Mexicans who wish to travel to Myanmar are required to apply for an online visa.

Nevertheless, Mexican travelers are advised to be constantly informed about the latest news and updates regarding all Myanmar eVisa matters.