Myanmar eVisa for Moroccan Citizens

The Myanmar eVisa was implemented on September 1, 2014, to facilitate the process of obtaining permission and enter Burma. The eVisa is available for over 100 nationalities including Morocco.

The Myanmar electronic travel authorization, or Myanmar eVisa, is the easiest visa to get for Morrocan citizens as it saves trips to the embassy and only takes a few minutes to apply online.

Burma Visa Types Available to Morrocan Citizens

Currently, Myanmar offers two types of visas, both can be applied online by eligible Morrocan nationals who will choose the appropriate one depending on the reason(s) for travel.

The tourist eVisa to Myanmar has a validity of 90 days after the issue date and allows Moroccans to stay in the country for 28 days or less. One requirement for the approval of the tourist visa is having a confirmed booked accommodation for the period of stay.

If Moroccan applicants travel for business reasons they will need a Myanmar business electronic travel authorization and it is a necessary condition to hold a certified recent letter of invitation from a Burmese company together with the organization’s registration number.

If approved, the period of stay allowed with a business eVisa is up to 70 days and the validity of the visa is of 90 days from the issue date.

Requirements for Morrocan Citizens Traveling to Myanmar

There are specific Myanmar visa entry requirements that Morrocan citizens need to meet before applying for the Myanmar (Burma) electronic visa for tourism:

  • The applicant should hold a Morrocan passport with 6 months validity in order to travel to Burma
  • The foreigner must be 18 or older to apply
  • In the case of Moroccan minors traveling to Myanmar, their application should be completed by a parent or legal guardian
  • The visitor of Morocco must provide a valid email address, where the electronic travel permit will be sent
  • A credit or debit card is also necessary to pay for application fees

Those Moroccan travelers who meet all the requirements for an eVisa to Burma can proceed to apply.

Documents needed for a Myanmar eVisa from Morocco

Morrocan visitors will be required to have certain valid documents in order to obtain the eVisa to Burma. The most important document to hold is a valid passport together with an updated colored digital photo (Myanmar photo specifications apply).

It is also mandatory for Moroccans to have a digital copy of the information page of the passport.

Other documentation may be necessary depending on the type of Myanmar visa applied for.

Myanmar eVisa Application Form for Moroccans

The online application form for Myanmar will only take 10 to 20 minutes to complete, it is important to fill in the information correctly before submitting.

There is personal and basic information that will need to be provided by Moroccan citizens such as:

  • Full name and surname
  • Date of birth
  • City and country of birth
  • Nationality
  • Gender
  • Current address and phone number as well as valid email address
  • Passport number
  • Passport date of issue and date of expiry

The application also features questions regarding health and criminal records that should be answered truthfully by Moroccan applicants.

Myanmar eVisa for Morocco: Processing Time

The validation process of the Myanmar eVisa can take up to 3 working days and the approval will be sent via email to the email address given by the citizen of Morocco in the application form.

What to Expect Upon Arrival in Myanmar From Morocco

Once the eVisa has been approved, the visitor of Morocco has 90 days to enter the Myanmar territory and will be able to stay no longer than the time established for their type of visa or the period given by immigration officials upon arrival.

Moroccan travelers should know the approval of the Myanmar eVisa does not guarantee entry into the country.

Entering Myanmar territory: ports of entry

Myanmar has eight different ports of entry for Moroccans to choose from depending on the travel route.
By air, there are three eligible international airports:

  • Yangon international airport
  • Nay Pyi Taw international airport
  • Mandalay International airport

If eVisa holders are traveling by land, they can cross the Thailand-Myanmar border, where Moroccan nationals will find three different checkpoint controls:

  • Kawthaung Land Border
  • Tachileik Land Border
  • Myawaddt Land Border

Visitors can also enter by land through the Indian-Myanmar border at two different land checkpoints: Rihkhawdar Land Border or Tamu Land Border.

For now, it is not possible to enter with a Myanmar eVisa by sea.

Moroccan visitors: How to get around Myanmar

After entering Myanmar, moving across the country is not difficult although distances can be vast.
Flying is the fastest way for Moroccan tourists to get around Burma, but not the cheapest, since Moroccans may find it more convenient to travel by train or bus within the country.