Myanmar Visa for Nepali Nationals

Apply for Myanmar eVisa
Nepali passport holders are eligible to travel to Myanmar, also known as Burma, with an eVisa. The eVisa to Myanmar is a single-entry online visa that has a validity of 90 days since the issuance date. The Burmese government introduced this innovative and simplified visa in 2014. It saves Nepalis from visiting the Burmese embassy in Kathmandu and requesting a visa in person, saving them time and money.

Myanmar eVisa Types for Nepali Citizens

The Myanmar government offers 2 different types of Burma eVisas to Nepalese travelers: these include options for tourists and business travelers.

The Myanmar Tourist eVisa is available to Nepali passport holders who travel to Myanmar for relaxation and cultural visits. It is valid for 90 days and grants single-entry into the country where Nepalese visitors can stay up to 28 days.

The Myanmar Business eVisa is available to visit Burma for business. It is a single-entry travel permit that grants permanence in the country for 70 days and is valid for 90 days.

Nepalese nationals looking to travel to Myanmar for other reasons need to request an embassy visa. These include a medication visa or a social visa.

Myanmar Visa Requirements for Nepali Nationals

The Myanmar visa requirements for Nepali travelers are straightforward. These include having the following information at hand:

  • An active email address which will be the primary communication channel for the applicants in their process
  • A valid credit or debit card with sufficient funds and activated for online payments
  • A passport issued from Nepal valid for at least 6 months from the intended date of arrival
  • A digital image of the biographical and cover pages of their passport
  • A digital photo following the Burma eVisa photo requirements

In addition to these items, Nepalese travelers should communicate their intended ports of entry into Myanmar even if they are yet to buy their travel tickets.

Those citizens with a passport of validity less than 6 months should renew their travel documents before initiating the eVisa application.

After finishing the questionnaire, Nepalese visitors must pay the eVisa fee with a debit or credit card. As mentioned before, it is advisable to check if the card has been previously activated for online payments and has sufficient funds.

The Vietnamese authorities usually grant the eVisa within 3 business days. Nepali citizens will receive a reply with their online visa attached as a PDF at the email address provided in the form. They will need to print the eVisa before arriving in Myanmar and display at border controls along with their passport.

Applicants should ensure that they only include complete and correct information because mistakes can cause rejection of the visa. Should they not receive it, it is advisable to check the spam box of their email.

Burma eVisa From Nepal: Application Form

The Myanmar eVisa application for Nepali passport holders requires only a few minutes and documents. They will need to fill in a quick and straightforward questionnaire and receive the electronic visa via email after 3 working days or less.

  • General information of the applicant: age, gender, address, and country of birth
  • Passport number, date of issue, and expiration
  • ID photo in digital format
  • Scanned copy of the biographical page of the passport

Nepali visitors must ensure that the passport has a validity of at least 6 months. They must follow the Myanmar eVisa official photo requirements when taking their picture and attaching it to their profile.

Finally, Nepali citizens will then proceed to answer some security-related questions to complete their online form.

Additional information for the Myanmar Business eVisa

The documents mentioned above are necessary to get a Tourist Burma visa. Nepali professionals requesting the Myanmar Business eVisa will have to share some extra documentation, including the registration number and an invitation letter from the Burmese company. Nepali applicants should take note that the registration number of the company must be valid for at least 3 months.

Preparing the Trip From Nepal to Myanmar

Nepali tourists planning to go to Burma should take into account some details: such as accommodation, ports of entry, and travel plans.

When booking their hotel or apartment, Nepalese travelers should confirm the Myanmar government authorizes it. Ensuring it is a registered Burmese accommodation not only guarantees their safety and wellbeing but is also important when applying for the eVisa.

Nepalese visitors in Burma who wish to prolong their stay in the country can request a Myanmar Visa Extension. Depending on the eVisa they have been granted, they can request an extension of the same number of days already granted on their travel permit.

Thus Nepalese holders of a Tourist eVisa are eligible to request for 28 more days. They simply need to visit the Myanmar immigration office in Naypyitaw or the Nepali embassy in Yangon. Similarly, Nepalese professionals with a Business eVisa can extend their stay for 70 more days. They will need to request it in person at the Nepal embassy with a letter from the company detailing the reasons for an extension.