Myanmar eVisa for New Zealander Nationals

In 2011, the government of Myanmar decided to open its doors and allow eligible travelers such as citizens from New Zealand to apply for an eVisa to Burma.

This new method of obtaining a Visa to Burma has made it more accessible and easier for NZ citizens to travel to Myanmar without having to organize a visa appointment with a local embassy or consulate which therefore saves a New Zealander time and money as they can apply online from anywhere in the world.

Myanmar eVisa Types for New Zealanders

New Zealanders are asked to revise the different types of Myanmar eVisas, which have been made available to them to travel to Myanmar for both tourist and business purposes.

The most sought after Myanmar eVisa for New Zealanders however is the Myanmar tourist eVisa. This eVisa type to Myanmar permits a New Zealander to stay in Burma for 28 consecutive days over a total visa validity period of 90 days from the date of approval.

The Burma tourist e-Visa is a single-entry permit, therefore, if a New Zealand visitor exits the country and later wishes to return, they must re-apply for a new electronic eVisa to Myanmar with the new expected arrival date.

On the other hand, the conditions of the Myanmar Business eVisa differ slightly. A New Zealand applicant traveling with a business eVisa is permitted to stay in Myanmar for 70 consecutive days over a total visa validity period of 90 days.

The Business e-Visa is also a single-entry permit and those who wish to exit and later enter Myanmar again will need to apply for a new online Business eVisa to Myanmar.

New Zealand e-Visa applicants are advised to review these two main eVisa types before applying online with the relevant eVisa application form. Applying for an incorrect eVisa type could mean entry refusal upon arrival.

Requirements for New Zealanders to Obtain a Myanmar eVisa

After reviewing the Burmese e-Visa types a New Zealander visitor is then required to make sure that they comply with the relevant prerequisites of each Myanmar eVisa type.

These requirements have been set in place by the Myanmar government and are considered to be 100% mandatory in order for a New Zealand individual to successfully travel and stay in the country.

The following requirements concern New Zealanders applying for a tourist eVisa to Myanmar:

  • A valid New Zealand passport with a validity of a least 6 months from the expected arrival date in Burma
  • A digital image of NZ applicant that complies with the Myanmar eVisa photo specifications set in place by the Myanmar government
  • A valid email address so that the Myanmar Visa can be sent electronically to the desired email
  • A valid debit or credit card in order to pay for the Myanmar eVisa processing fee upon completion of the application form

Myanmar business eVisa prerequisites for NZ

It is important for NZ business applicants to take note that requirements listed above for the tourist eVisa also need to be complied with and submitted in order to obtain a Myanmar business eVisa.

Moreover, there are further prerequisites in which NZ travelers wishing to visit Myanmar for business reasons must also meet.

The following business specifications must also be met:

  • A Myanmar business letter of invitation from the relevant registered company in Burma
  • The registration number of the Burmese company
  • A certificate of incorporation (for a local company) or a certificate of registration of branch office (for Foreign Investment Company)

Failing to provide both the general requirements such as the New Zealand passport copy, the digital image, and also the specific business prerequisites could mean a result in a Myanmar business eVisa refusal.

How to Apply for a Myanmar eVisa From New Zealand

Once a New Zealander passport holder has made sure the personal information has been accurately entered and that the supporting documents have also been submitted correctly they are then able to apply for the online electronic Myanmar travel authorization from the comfort of their home or from anywhere else which has a strong internet connection.

New Zealander applicants should note that there are some health and safety questions that will also be required to answer whilst completing the application form to ensure that a New Zealander visitor is fit and well to travel to the country thus further avoiding any unforeseen circumstances.

It is also recommended for New Zealander travelers to familiarize themselves with any necessary Burma eVisa vaccinations they may need before traveling to the Southeast Asian country.

Adults wishing to travel to Myanmar with minors and an eVisa are allowed to do so, however, a new Myanmar eVisa application will need to be submitted as each e-visa application form is directly linked to the individual New Zealand passport and its holder’s identity information.

Can New Zealanders apply for a Myanmar eVisa extension?

Yes, eligible citizens from New Zealand are permitted to apply for a Myanmar tourist Visa extension once they are already in the country at the immigration office at Naypyitaw or, if the visa extension is needed beforehand, New Zealander visitors should organize an appointment with a local embassy or consulate to consult this visa extension process.

New Zealander business visitors can also extend their Burmese business eVisa by obtaining a current recommendation letter from the ministry. It is recommended to contact a local embassy or consulate for assistance with business e-visa extensions as it is currently not possible to do so online.