Myanmar eVisa for Singaporeans

In 2011, Myanmar (once known as Burma) opened its borders to international foreigners from around the world, including eligible citizens from Singapore. Due to this new opportunity of traveling to Myanmar for tourism, or even for business reasons, the government of Myanmar set up an eVisa to visit Myanmar in order to help facilitate this travel demand.

Over 200,000 foreign arrivals visit Myanmar each year, and 120,000 of those travel for tourism. In that sense, Singaporean nationals are eligible to apply for either a Myanmar tourist eVisa or a Myanmar business e-Visa.

Applicants of Singapore no longer need to book an appointment with a local Burma embassy or consulate to receive their visa to Myanmar.

Myanmar eVisa Types for Singaporean Visitors

The Myanmar e-Visa is divided into two main types; the Burma tourist online visa and the business eVisa to enter Myanmar.

Singapore visitors are asked to consider their reasons for traveling to Myanmar before applying as submitting information for the wrong eVisa type to Myanmar could result in entry denial when entering the country.

Conditions of the Myanmar Tourist eVisa for Singapore

The tourist eVisa to Myanmar allows a Singapore visitor single-entry into the country with a maximum permitted stay of 28 consecutive days over a visa validity period of 90 days from the date of eVisa issuance.

If a Singapore visitor exits Myanmar and wishes to later return to the country, they will need to apply for another tourist eVisa to Myanmar.

Myanmar Business eVisa Conditions as Singaporean

The business online visa to visit Myanmar also allows a Singapore visitor single entry to the country. However, the maximum stay under a Business e-Visa to Burma is 70 consecutive days over a visa validity period of 90 days.

Singaporean business travelers have the possibility to extend the Myanmar business eVisa by obtaining a current recommendation letter from the ministry. Singaporeans should contact their local embassy or consulate for assistance with the procedure.

Myanmar eVisa Requirements for Singaporean Nationals

There are various Myanmar eVisa requirements that have been set in place and that all eligible applicants, including citizens from Singapore, must abide by in order to successfully obtain an e-Visa to Myanmar.

Before applying online and traveling to Burma, Singaporeans are required to check and revise these requirements to ensure that they fully comply with the eVisa regulations for Myanmar:

  • A valid Singaporean passport. A copy or scanned image of the biographical page of the passport must be submitted. It must also have a minimum of 6 months’ validity from the expected arrival date
  • A passport-size photo. There are several Burma eVisa photo specifications that need to be met
  • A working email address in order to receive the visa electronically
  • A valid debit or credit card must be possessed by the Singaporean national so that the eVisa processing fee can be paid for at the final stage of the application

These prerequisites are valid to apply for a Myanmar tourist eVisa from Singapore. Now, if Singaporean travelers are applying for a business online visa to Myanmar, they will also need to add the following:

  • A Burma business letter of invitation from the relevant registered company in Myanmar
  • The registration number of the Burma company
  • A certificate of incorporation (for a local company) or a certificate of registration of Branch office (as a Foreign Investment Company)

Failing to meet these entry eVisa requirements could lead to the denial of a Burma electronic visa.

Once all these documents are in hand and conditions are met, Singaporean passengers can begin to complete the Burma eVisa online application.

Apply for a Myanmar eVisa From Singapore

The Myanmar eVisa online application form is easy, simple to fill out and can be done online, anywhere as long as there is a good internet connection.

During the electronic application process, Singaporeans wishing to obtain a Myanmar eVisa will need to provide personal information and passport details such as full name, contact data, and issuance and expiry date of the travel document.

Singaporean applicants will also find throughout the application that there may be some health and safety questions that will also need to be answered accurately in order to successfully obtain an eVisa to Burma.

Other health factors, such as vaccinations before visiting Myanmar, should also be taken into consideration. Singaporean visitors may need to book an appointment with their local doctor weeks in advance to avoid any health issues whilst in the country.

Important: Applicants of Singapore should also be informed about the conditions when traveling to Myanmar with children so they do not encounter any issues when entering Burma.

The final step to complete the application form will be paying the Burma eVisa processing fee with a credit or debit card. When this is done, applicants from Singapore will receive a confirmation message on their screens and then, in only a couple of days or even hours, they should receive the eVisa to Burma via email in PDF format.