Myanmar eVisa for Taiwanese Nationals

Prior to 2011, Myanmar -formerly known as Burma- was closed to those wanting to visit the country. However, with the recent demand in tourism, a new visa procedure has been set in place by the government of Myanmar.

This system is known as the Myanmar eVisa. International visitors, including eligible Taiwanese citizens, can now apply online with just one click.

Now that nationals of Taiwan can apply online for this electronic travel authorization, it means that no appointments with a local embassy or consulate are needed in order to receive a tourist or business visa to Myanmar.

Requirements for Taiwanese Citizens to Obtain a Myanmar eVisa

Before applying for the eVisa to Myanmar, Taiwanese passengers must revise and comply with the mandatory Burma eVisa prerequisites and conditions set in place by the government of Myanmar.

Taiwan’s citizens should note that there are two different sets of requirements based upon the two different types of eVisas authorized to Taiwanese travelers.

Burma Tourist eVisa’s prerequisites for Taiwan

The following list of prerequisites concerns Taiwanese visitors wishing to travel to Burma for tourism purposes:

  • A lawful, current Taiwanese passport with at least 6 months’ validity from the expected arrival date
  • A copy or scanned image of the biographical page of the passport
  • A digital photo of the Taiwanese applicant that follows the Myanmar e-Visa photo specifications provided by the government
  • A working email address so that the approved Burma e-Visa can be sent via email
  • A valid debit or credit card. Payment of the e-Visa processing fee will be required to complete the process

This information must be submitted through the online form suited to apply for an online visa.

Myanmar business eVisa conditions for Taiwan

The following list of requirements serves for Taiwanese travelers entering Myanmar due to a business trip or under business purposes:

  • A Myanmar business letter of invitation from the registered company in Myanmar
  • The registration number of the Myanmar company
  • A certificate of incorporation (for a local company) or a certificate of registration of Branch office (as a Foreign Investment Company)

Taiwanese business travelers must also note that they will also need to submit the requirements mentioned above for the tourist visa (lawful passport, digital photo, valid email address, and a credit or debit card with enough funds, among others).

Can Taiwanese travel with minors to Burma?

Yes, parents/guardians can travel with minors to Burma. Taiwanese travelers should note that minors will need their own Myanmar electronic permit as the e-Visa is linked directly to an applicant’s passport.

All Taiwanese foreigners must carry their passport along with the approved individual eVisa issued to them by Myanmar.

Validity of the Burma eVisa for Taiwanese Travelers

Citizens of Taiwan who are applying for the tourist electronic travel permit are authorized to stay in Burma for a maximum continuous stay of 28 days over a visa validity period of 90 days from the date of approval. This is a single-entry visa.

In the case of Burma’s business eVisa, Taiwanese travelers can remain in Myanmar for 70 consecutive days, while the total validity of the online visa is of 90 days from the date of issuance.

The Business eVisa to Burma is also a single-entry permit. However, eligible travelers have the option to extend the Burma business eVisa by obtaining a recommendation letter from the respective ministry.

Myanmar eVisa Types for Taiwan

The government of Myanmar has separated the eVisa into two Burma group types; the Tourist eVisa and the Business eVisa.

Taiwan’s nationals are advised to learn the difference between the two eVisa types, which are the reason to travel to Myanmar (leisure or commercial reasons).

Citizens of Taiwan traveling to Myanmar for tourism, sightseeing, and leisure purposes will need to apply for the Burma tourist eVisa, whereas those traveling from Taiwan for business trips should apply for the Burma business eVisa.

How to Apply for a Myanmar eVisa From Taiwan

Taiwan passport holders are eligible to apply online via the simple, quick, and effortless electronic Burma visa application form. This process takes only a matter of minutes since it needs that Taiwanese travelers upload and submit their personal information as well as other mandatory supporting documents.

Visitors from Taiwan may also be required to answer some health and safety questions throughout the application to also make sure they are fit for travel.

It is recommended that Taiwan citizens acquaint themselves with the suggested vaccinations before traveling to Myanmar.

Once the application form has been submitted, a Taiwanese foreigner can expect to receive their approved eVisa in PDF format within a couple of days or even hours. When they do, they must print it out and carry it with them during the entirety of the trip.