Myanmar eVisa for Turkish Citizens

Historic Myanmar is becoming extremely popular with tourists. After it opened its doors to foreign visitors in 2011, and introduced electronic visas in 2014, gaining access to the country has never been easier.

Myanmar offers a wealth of options for tourists, so it is no surprise that in 2018 more than 3.5 million tourists visited Myanmar which includes citizens of Turkey.

Turkish passport holders can now fill in the application for a Myanmar eVisa entirely online. It is convenient, easy, and hassle-free, and can be completed electronically.

Myanmar Visa Requirements for Turkish Passport Holders

Before travelers of Turkey begin the application process, they should ensure they have the correct paperwork with them and meet all the visa entry conditions to help them fill out the forms.

They will require to comply with the following Myanmar visa requirements:

  • A valid Turkish passport with at least six months’ validity from the date of travel. There should also be at least two pages free for the immigration passport stamp
  • A color photograph, taken on a white background. The photo should have been taken within the last three months, the person’s face should not be obscured and no filters should be used on the photo. See all the Burma photo conditions to apply
  • A valid email address, as that is where their electronic travel authorization will be sent.
  • A debit or credit card to pay the processing fee
  • Travel details for the Myanmar trip, and information or tickets regarding entry into, and exit out of Myanmar

It is recommended that once the application is approved, visa holders from Turkey should print out their visa and keep it with them during all travel throughout Myanmar.

They should also print out evidence of any reservations in the numerous types of  Myanmar registered accommodation, and plane, train, or bus tickets for their planned onward or return journey out of the country.

Apply for a Myanmar Visa From Turkey

The online form for a Burma visa is straightforward to complete and does not require any time-consuming visits or phone calls to embassies.

Turkish applicants can fill out the form in around 20 minutes, then double-check all the entries are correctly filled out before submitting. This is an important step, as any incorrectly filled out sections can delay the visa processing procedure, or may even result in it being rejected.

Once submitted, the application is usually processed within 3 business days. Turkish citizens are advised to allow plenty of time for it to be processed before traveling. It is also advisable for Turkish to apply for the Myanmar eVisa once the dates of travel are confirmed.

Support is available in a range of languages for those filling out the eVisa form in case Turkish applicants require assistance or are unsure about certain sections.

Myanmar Visa on Arrival for Turkish Citizens

Citizens from certain countries can obtain a visa on arrival in MyanmarTurkish citizens are not included on this list. This means that Turkish residents, along with those from 99 other countries, must apply for a visa before arriving in Myanmar.

They can do this via the online Myanmar eVisa, or in-person at their nearest Myanmar embassy or consulate.

Myanmar Border Crossings for Turkey

Visa holders can only enter Myanmar by air through three international airports: Yangon, Nay Pyi Taw, and Mandalay. They can also enter at Thailand land border checkpoints Kawthaung, Myawaddy, and Tachileik, and at the India border checkpoints Rihkhawdar and Tamu.

Travelers of Turkey need to know all the allowed Burma border crossings available with the Myanmar eVisa.

Myanmar eVisa: Maximum stay permitted for Turkish nationals

The Myanmar tourist visa permits holders to stay in Myanmar for up to 28 days. It is a single-entry visa, so if holders leave the country they cannot re-enter.

Business visas are also available for Turkish citizens traveling to Myanmar for business purposes. These are valid for a maximum stay of up to 70 days.

If Turkish travelers want to extend their Burma tourist eVisa, they will need to contact the nearest embassy or consulate to do so.