Myanmar (Burma) Visa Requirements for Venezuelans

Venezuelan passport holders have been eligible to apply for a travel visa to Myanmar since 2014. The Myanmar visa online (also known as electronic visa or eVisa) for Venezuelans allows them to enter Myanmar without long visa procedures like going personally to an embassy or consulate, waiting in line and spending time and money on transportation.

Instead, Venezuelans can apply through an online form and receive their visa for Myanmar via email.

This electronic visa is a single-entry document that has a validity of 90 days since the date of issue.

Myanmar Tourist eVisa for Venezuelan Nationals

Venezuela citizens can apply for various types of visas. The quickest and simplest one to obtain is the Myanmar Tourist eVisa. This online travel authorization allows Venezuelans to stay in Burma for up to 28 days.

Travel extensions for Venezuelan passport holders in Myanmar

If Venezuelan visitors wish to request a Myanmar visa extension, they will need to refer directly to the immigration office of Myanmar (Burma) in Naypyitaw or apply for one at the Venezuelan embassy or consulate.

Upon confirmation, Venezuelan citizens must proceed with the application process in person for the extension and issue the corresponding payment at the aforementioned government buildings.

Myanmar eVisa Conditions for Venezuelan Passport Holders

Venezuelan passport holders traveling on tourism need to provide the following as part of the Myanmar eVisa requirements whilst filling in the application form:

  • Full name
  • Country and date of birth
  • Gender
  • Country of citizenship
  • Contact number
  • ID photograph taken at the earliest 3 months before the application

Additionally, Venezuelan applicants should complete the below information regarding their passport:

  • Passport number
  • Passport issuing date
  • Passport expiry date which must not be less than 6 months before the estimated arrival date in Myanmar

Venezuelan citizens applying for a Myanmar eVisa should additionally include the following information regarding their stay in Burma:

  • Registered accommodation details
  • Port of arrival
  • Expected date of arrival and departure

As long as Venezuelan applicants have submitted the information needed correctly, and they meet the rest of the requirements, they should receive their visa confirmation within 72 hours.

Application Process for a Myanmar eVisa from Venezuela

Venezuelan passport holders who are applying for a Myanmar eVisa should complete the following step-by-step procedure:

  • Registration with a valid email address
  • The completion of the form and submission of the required documents
  • Visa fee payment

The Myanmar government reserves the right to admission within its borders. If a visa request is rejected, this will be duly notified.

The visa is issued within 3 working days. Venezuelan applicants can check their email inbox for updates. Every change or notification will be communicated via email.

Once approved, Venezuelan travelers will need to print their eVisa and carry it with them when entering Myanmar.

To avoid a visa denial, it is very important to submit the information correctly. Personal details have to appear as they are shown on the passport biographical page.

Entry Points in Myanmar for Venezuelan Tourists

The eVisa is valid to cross the border through eligible Myanmar border crossings via air and land.

  • Venezuelan travelers flying to Burma can use one of the three main international airports: Yangon, NAy Pyi Taw, and Mandalay
  • Tourists from Venezuela who wish to drive to Myanmar can access the country through their land crossing points with India and Thailand.

If Venezuelan visitors wish to explore neighboring countries and return to Burma, a new electronic visa must be obtained.

Venezuelan citizens should take into account that the Myanmar government does not issue visas for tourists who are on a cruise stopover at its ports. For further details, Venezuelan passport holders should consult their travel agency or cruise company directly.

Myanmar Visa on Arrival for Venezuelan Citizens

Venezuelan nationals are not amongst the nationalities eligible for a visa on arrival in Myanmar.

This means that citizens from Venezuela need to have their travel authorizations previously approved and will have to go through passport checks upon arrival. Please note that it is also crucial to provide the same passport that has been used during the application.