Myanmar Visa Types

There are different types of visa for traveling to Myanmar and many factors to take into account when choosing the one you need. Travelers should take the planned duration of stay in Myanmar into account and also the reason for visiting, as the Myanmar visa types vary from business, tourist, meditation, and social visas. Read more below to find out specific visa information for different visas for Myanmar.

Tourist Visa

If you are traveling to Myanmar for touristic purposes, you can apply for a tourist eVisa. This includes leisure, sightseeing, and regular vacations. The Myanmar or Burma tourist visa enables those traveling to stay for a total duration of 28 days. Tourist visa holders are able to stay up to the 28-day duration; however, those who overstay may face serious penalties. To avoid overstaying a visa, it is recommendable to plan your travel itinerary before in order to keep your stay in Myanmar within the visa validity period.

The tourist visa can be applied for online without visiting an embassy or consulate. Applicants will have to fill out a simple online application form and ensure that they are able to comply with the Myanmar/Burma visa requirements in order to apply successfully. Once the visa has been issued (via email), tourist visa holders will be able to use their visa within 90 days of the issue date.

Please note: The application takes approximately 3 business days to process but it is a good idea to apply in advance for a tourist visa in order to avoid last-minute complications.

The only countries that are eligible for a Myanmar tourist visa on arrival are:

Citizens of all other countries will be expected to apply for a visa for Myanmar in advance.

Business Visa

Launched in 2015, the Myanmar business visa enables those visiting Myanmar for business purposes to request a visa online beforehand. The application process is simple, enabling applicants to apply without visiting an embassy or consulate.

Applicants are required to provide the necessary documents and information in the Myanmar visa application form. Following the visa requirements is vital for applying successfully.

The business visa permits visa holders a stay of up to 70 days in Myanmar. It is a single-entry only visa which means that those who wish to visit for business purposes more than once will have to apply again.

Social Visa

The Myanmar social visa is available to former Myanmar citizens/residents of Myanmar. It can also be extended to family members such as children or spouses.  The visa is a single-entry visa and it is issued with a validity of 70 days. Once the visa is obtained, it is valid for use for up to 3 months (from the date of issue). In order to apply for a Myanmar social visa or a social visa extension, it will be necessary to visit a Burmese embassy or consulate in your country of nationality. Those who require a social visa extension can also visit an embassy or consulate for more information.

Meditation Visa

Many travel to Myanmar to go on yoga retreats, meditation courses, and other types of spiritual experiences. This is often called a meditation visa. Travelers applying for a meditation visa are able to ask for an invitation letter from the organizing entity and apply for a meditation visa for Myanmar. In order to apply, it is necessary to make an appointment at a Burmese embassy or consulate based in your country or origin. However, it is also possible to apply for an eVisa to travel for touristic purposes, particularly if your meditation retreat is only a part of your trip.

Myanmar Transit Visa

Sometimes, it is necessary or convenient to temporarily transit through a country while en-route to one’s final destination. The Myanmar transit visa is intended for passengers who wish to leave the transit area of the airport while transiting through Myanmar.

The transit visa allows them to enter Myanmar and remain in the country for up to 24 hours. Applicants will need their eligible passport together with proof of onward travel and the visa fee (among other relevant documents) to obtain a transit visa.